Bicycle path 343 Proština is 24 km long and connects to the Flanatica bicycle path in two parts. For the most part, it passes through unclassified roads and paths, and for a smaller part it passes or intersects with a local road. During the drive you can see untouched nature, cultural sights, small villages with a Mediterranean flair and a rich heritage. The eastern part of the path is only about a hundred meters from the sea, so there are paths that lead to nearby beaches for swimming. The course is of medium difficulty, with downhills, uphills and flats, as well as parts that require a lot of dexterity when going downhill for those who crave adrenaline.

The beginning of the bike path is in the village of Peruški, and after only a few kilometers of driving on an asphalt road, the path continues through a forest part that leads to a water source where the locals used to drink potable water. We go up the macadam road to the asphalt and enter the town of Krnica. We pass through Krnica and exit to the right towards the macadam. Macadam takes us past the Kumparička station, known for its goat cheese. Then, driving, we enter the town of Cokuni, where we can drive to the right to the picturesque Mutvoran, and if we continue straight, then to the left, we exit at the rotor towards Veliki Vareški. We pass through the village and drive left on the macadam to Kavran. At the beginning of the settlement, we turn downhill to the left, where a beautiful view of the Kvarner Bay is revealed. Driving further along the stream bed, we come out onto the macadam and into the Bay of Vinjole. Driving along the sea, we pass untouched beaches and clear sea. We enter the tourist resort of Duga Uvala along the promenade by the sea. After a slight ascent, we reach the asphalt and turn right towards the pine forest and the beaches of the Cava Bay. We leave it and join the asphalt to the intersection with the village of Išići and then the village of Peruški. We drive through the hinterland of the village of Peruški and at the exit onto the asphalt we turn left towards the village and our start of the bike path.

Technical description

Peruški-Krnica-Cveki-Kavran-Duga uvala-rt Kaval-Peruški

24 km

500 m

191 m

2 m

2:30 h

Asphalt: 8.1 km
Macadam: 15.9 km

Difficulty: Medium